Consumption of folic acid during pregnancy and risk of autism

The evidence on the  effect of folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defects is plausible, and the consumption of folic acid in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is general recommendations. Ww can say that today is responsibility  to consume  folic acid in form of food supplement  during these first weeks of pregnancy, and the first  weekly means and the time when a woman does not know that she is pregnant.

But, it appears that the positive effect of the entry of folic acid in form of food supplement  during pregnancy not only stops the prevention of neural tubes defects, and folic acid has other positive effects in various neurally disorders, such as autism.

Autism is a complex disorder in behavior, very individual and is often associated with some other mental or physical problems.
Today, generally accepted that the frequency of autism 4-10 children per 10 000 births.

A study published this year in the expert journal PLoS One analyzed so far published studies on the topic of  intake folic acid and disabilities that include autism. Of the total of 22 collected for the study, 15 of them showed how the consumption of folic acid as a supplement food achieved a protective effect.
Six studies failed to obtain a statistically significant result, and the possible harmfulness of the input of folic acid,  is proven exclusively at inpute that exceeds the 5 mg.

From this review work we can conclude, how  folic acid implemented a protective effect on the fetus, which overcomes a proven effect  of prevention defect neural tube.In particular, some supplements contain folic acid, which is not biologically active,but  in the body by enzymes within a few steps has to  turn into a biologically useful form 5-metiltetrahidrofolat (5-MTHF).
There are not forms of folic acid that are directly useful

A certain percentage of the population has a genetic error, which is not making enough  amount of the necessary enzyme or enzyme is not effective.
For this reason, the biologically active form 5-metilfolat that can directly meet the body’s needs for these nutrient and which in his actions does not depend on enzime or other compounds, is superior  and safe option.

Exactly this  active form of folic acid is in addition PrenataS diet  that is intended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and women planning pregnancy.
With folic acid, PrenataS supplement diet  contains other key nutrients, for  very important and especially sensitive period in a woman’s life.

Sources: Gao Y, Sheng C, Xie RH, Sun W, Asztalos E, Moddemann D, Zwaigenbaum L, Walker M, Wen SW. New Perspective on Impact of Folic Acid Supplementation during Pregnancy on Neurodevelopment/Autism in the Offspring Children – A Systematic Review. PLoS One. 2016 Nov 22;11(11):e0165626.