Role of minerals and needs in pregnancy

Iron is an important mineral in the diet of women, and pregnant women. If  anemia return, it is necessary to reach  for preparations in coordination with the doctor who  accompanies the pregnancy. There are specially designed shape of iron (microencapsulated with  the latest technology), which are characterized by high bioavailability (the entrance to the circulation system after the use of the mouth) and high stability in the body. Thereat they lack the metallic taste that some usual preparations of iron have and do not cause interference in the gastrointestinal tract.

Additionally, during pregnancy it is necessary to intensify the use of legumes, especially beans and lentils, red meat, tamnozelenog vegetables, beet and fruit juices red and purple. Of course, it should be noted that for proper absorption (absorption) of iron requires vitamin C. We will get it  if we eat the pepper, cabbage, citrus fruits, rose hips and kiwi.

Magnesium is one of the most important elements in our body and the daily requirement is about 300 mg. We find it in vegetables, because it is an integral part of the chlorophyll or green pigment, nuts, and other foods, especially in meat, bananas, tomatoes and cereals. Magnesium stabilizes the ATP molecule which is the basis for storage of chemical energy in the cell. Because of that it is  participating  in the activation of about 300 enzymes, and each magnesium deficiency is manifested by weakness, cramps in muscles, and significant vulnerability to stress.

In special states, such as (rekonvalescencija), pregnancy and nursing requirements for magnesium are  25% more , and amount  is  about 400 mg per day.
So that we can  compensate, it is necessary very often to reach qualitative updates  of magnesium, which is easily (resorbira) and act now.

It is very important that pregnant woman in her body, enters calcium , which will contribute to the bone development of the fetus and keep her bones from the mobilization of calcium from them. So, of course, it is necessary the daily amount of milk to increase (at least, you need to drink a pint of milk a day) or consume fermented dairy products, which will well affect at  intestinal flora and prevent jail chairs, which often occurs during pregnancy.Those persons who can’t drink cow milk, should take goat’s or soy milk and use a very useful spread made from sesame seeds which is very rich in calcium content. Fresh cheese, but also  fermented hard cheeses are equally valuable source of calcium.

Vitamin D, which helps to install the calcium in the bone should be used in the form of preparations , if the pregnancy occurs during the winter months, because  the synthesis of vitamin D is  largely from sun exposure on the skin. When the skin is  less exposed  to sun  produces less vitamin D. Instead of synthetic preparations of vitamin D, it is  recommended to use fish oil because the pregnant woman will get  together with vitamin D and essential omega-3 polyunsaturated acids.

Additionally, it is important to ensure the consumption of zinc, which acts as a mineral regulator of many functions in the body. Zinc is found in meat, fish, dreid  fruits, legumes and grains. It is also  in clams but during pregnancy it is better to avoid clamshell because of possible poisoning.

“Desire” for individual foods
During pregnancy it is coming  to  special desire for individual products. It is widely known,  the  desire of the pregnant woman  for  bitter or  sweet foods. That are usually a special types of fruit, chocolate, cheese, sour  products. For a long time it  was believed that this is a  result of lack of certain nutrients in a woman’s body. This fact is not scientifically confirmed. Today, the thought about desire  for a specific food  during pregnancy, is the  consequences sharpened  sense of smell and taste in pregnant women, and not a sign that the pregnant women  lacks some nutrients from food.

Heartburn during pregnancy
During pregnancy often appears heartburn and problems with stomach.   In this case it is necessary  eat  peeled almonds and drink a tea from ginger. Thereby,  stop the feeling of nausea and lose heartburn.