Pregnancy and child development at (trimesters)

Pregnancy and childbirth, by his own definition, include the process of conception, removal  and adoption of human offspring on the world.

Pregnancy lasts on average 280 days (40 weeks) from the first day of the last menstrual bleeding.

Pregnancy is divided into three quarterly period, called first quarter ( 1 to 12 weeks), the other quarter (13 to 24 weeks) and third quarter (from 25 weeks until birth).


Growth and development in (trimestrim)


First trimester

All major organs are formed. Eyes and ears are in place. If you press on abdominal place, the child moves. In 12. week the child was about 8 cm in length and weighs less than 30 grams.

Second trimester

Major organs begin to function. The fingers and toes, eyelashes and eyebrows begin to grow. Your child can suck his thumb.  In 24. weeks, baby weighs around 680 grams and a length of about 30 centimeters.

Third trimester

Strikes are becoming more common. Your child is getting about 200 grams a week. Maybe you will notice that the baby “drops” or moving lower in the abdomen.