What and how much to eat during pregnancy

Is there a more beautiful moment in a woman’s life, when she  first time feels breath and smell of her newborn baby? A unique smell, which remember on  the universe and infinity. How much happiness in that  moment gives a sense of mutual affiliation!

However, before that the female body is going through a period of really. And rightfully this period, is  the trivial name of “another state” because pregnancy really is that.  Thus, pregnancy is a complex process for the women. However, a woman’s body is able to meet all the needs required for the necessary nutrients during this period as the needs of nutrients that are necessary for the growth and development of a new organism-the baby. Of course this happens in the case when a woman’s diet is  balanced and calories  satisfactoried.

Review of a Preferred Mass Increase in Pregnancy

Nutritionists agree with the assessment that during pregnancy you need to look at the quality of the entered  food, and not so much on the amount. Simple vocabulary, we could say that pregnant woman should  not eat for two, yet,   she  must enter into her  body quality ingredients that can meet the needs of two organisms – one of her and  one of her baby.
It is desirable  the consumption of different products, distributed according to  the stages/trimester of pregnancy.

Review recommended foods in according to  trimester of pregnancy, which should be preferred in the diet

It should be noted that towards the end of pregnancy, when the growth but not development of  child is largest, a pregnant woman should “strengthen” calories  value of meals of about 200 calories a day. This could easily compensate, if you enter  extra snacks during the day in the form of fermented dairy products with grains, fresh or dried fruit,  apropos,if  you ate quality cheese (namaz) with lean  ham or, in turn, refers to some qualitative strudel  of fruit.

Even one more frape or chocolate drink can offset the need for these extra 200 calories. My recommendation will be  that if you do not get  to eat something “more” during the day, then in the evening you should  eat lean turkey steak with boiled vegetables or you could  just cook griz with  milk, which you added a bit of butter. Butter  will provide the input of vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium.

Review of increased calorie needs in pregnancy

  • energy needs of pregnant women was increased by approximately 20%, or 300 kcal/day
  • consumption of energy: 30-35 kcal/kg ideal body weight, divide into 6 portions, in which 50% of the total input of carbohydrates, 30% fats and 20% proteins

Careful with the raw groceries

Finally, it is important to note that woman during pregnancy have to care about  to never eat raw meat, fish or eggs. All of these products should be well heat treated to prevent poisoning and the occurrence of harmful consequences.