Food and breastfeeding

During the period, in which takes breast-feeding the child, the mother should continue with the food, the high quality substances as well as during pregnancy to ensure the optimal creation of milk. Insufficient nutrition of the mother does not diminish the nutritional composition of milk, but reduce the total created volume of milk and can affect the health of the mother. If, in turn, nutrition of the mother does not give the nutrients needed for optimal nutritional the composition of milk, the body pulls these substances from mother reserves.

Doctors suggest that mothers in the that daily food classified greater amount of certain minerals and vitamins. For example, nursing women should enter in the body about 50% more calcium. Thus ensures the correct development of children’s bones and denture and also protects his skeleton from the loss of this valuable mineral. Daily, nursing mothers had to drink a liter of milk or eat 150 grams of cheese (preferably fresh cheese).

Further, it is necessary in the diet include fresh fruit (apples) and vegetables, fermented dairy products, fish,white and nonfat meat, legumes and cereals.
With that diet, a woman must meet all of the needs of her body and provide enough energy for the “production” of 600-700 ml of milk per day.Of course, that this mighty liquid that emerges, must in some way and enter into the body, so the recommendation is in the form of various beverages (milk, tea, juice, diluted fruit juices, etc.) nursing mother should drink a day for about 2-2,5 liters of fluid. There is included the liquid taken with food, especially in soup.

It is particularly important to note that will not be at first sight obviously, but it is necessary for the creation of milk. It is not simple initiate a real small dairy.
In other words, this means that you have to provide energy for production.

In our body, this energy creates a combustion of nutrients with the participation of oxygen.
Of nutrients are undoubtedly the most important component, which will provide a sufficient amount of energy- complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates are a significant group of products that in our body provides sufficient energy for the change of substances, and the implementation of separate physiological processes in individual states. Breastfeeding is really a particular process and requires large energy needs.

The best source of complex carbohydrates high-quality products such as rice, potatoes, cereal (bread, pasta, polenta, grits). These products are recommended in the diet because carbohydrates enter in our organism and the entire set of necessary minerals and vitamins.

A woman who feeds, should with each meal classified a small of these products. It should be noted, how is the best, that evening meal (after nine o’clock) should be rice, griz or paste. After that it is good to drink milk, acidofilno milk or juice. Thus, we ensure that the reserves of carbohydrates ( stored in the form of liver glycogen) used for night “production” of milk.
Mom will therefore be less exhausted, and will not have to fear whether the child will be enough milk for the night.

In conclusion, we present some of the benefits of breastfeeding, which are the key to the health of the child in the future:
• Breastfeeding children have fewer problems with the respiratory tract and the digestive tract, from those children who were fed artificial food;
• Breastfed children have a lower predisposition to developing asthma, allergies, eczema;
• Breastfeeding children, have a lower incidence of autoimmune diseases.