and diet

In the simple vocabulary, anemia represents  a common accepted name for  a disease in which comes to  a reduction of red blood granules in circulation or a reduction of the red color-hemoglobin, which as a building substance within red blood granules, is used to distribute oxygen to all the cells and tissues.
Anemia is a many frequent disease than is commonly considered. It is the most common blood disorder. It may appear independently as a disease or as a syndrome, a set of diseases. There is also the anemia that occurs as a consequence of another disease.

Because it is an essential mineral in the formation of hemoglobin iron is very well-known anemia, which is a result of iron deficiency, called anemia (sideropenic).This type of anemia is the best preventable by  proper nutrition, which consists in the introduction of products that supply the body with iron.
There are some simple rules that are common knowledge and that you should follow when you  want  to prevent or relieve anemia caused by iron deficiency.

At first, in meals should be  red meat, fish, egg yolks, dried fruits, bean, lens, green leafy vegetables such as parsley,  nettle and dandelion, and red vegetables such as beets, and peppers, and fruit  deep purple color, like grapes, black currants and blueberries.

Further, you should  consume foods that are good source of vitamin C, because vitamin C encourages iron absorption.Furthermore, the products that includes copper as microelement, also contribute to the absorption of iron.There are cheeses, and seafood, and especially are  rich  with copper dried figs.

Furthermore, you should limit the consumption of spinach and other vegetables rich (ocsalatima). It should be noted that although for many years it was considered, as spinach is rich in iron, the evidence suggests otherwise.Spinach, and to some extent, and mangel, have a very high content (ocsalat) acid.
Ocsalate acid prevents the right absorption of iron through the intestine, so that the iron contained in spinach poorly exploits  in the body.

Also, it should be avoided, and the products that contain (fitate), insoluble fiber, because these (fitates) prevent  the proper usability of iron from food.
With food  you should avoid tea, coffee, cocoa, because in themselves contains tannins that is also violates the proper use of iron from food.

There is a type of anemia that occurs because of vitamin B12 deficiency, which can synthesize only in animal cells, so this type of anemia very often affects people who are on a vegetarian diet.People who practice a vegetarian diet, especially have to take care of a varied diet using foods that can with nutritive composition meet the demand for minerals,  and thereby  fibrous substance which in a  vegetarian diet is much more than a typical “normal” diet , do not disturb the input of minerals and absorption (resorpciji) into the bloodstream through the intestines.

Form of anemia, caused by vitamin B12 deficiency can sometimes appear during pregnancy.Foods rich with vitamin B12, like beef, pork, brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, cheese, sour cream.Besides that,  during pregnancy, there is a form of anemia that is characterized by the absence of one form of the vitamin B- folic acid.
Therefore in pregnancy, to pregnant women are recommended folic acid supplements with pills.

At the persons  who suffer from chronic lack of acid in the stomach may appear (sideropenic) anemia because of iron deficiency, because iron is best absorbed from food when the normal acidity of the stomach, respectively,  when the tone and (shell)  of the mucous membrane of the stomach healthy.

It should be noted that anemia is treating with long-term taking adequate preparation, because when the first symptoms shows , it means that the reserves of iron in the body are exhausted. To compensate this  reserves, it is necessary  treatment whick can take and up to 6 months.

However, if we reach with iron preparations, it is necesseary to pay attention , how to choose  such dosage forms (compositions) that will ensure proper iron absorption in the intestine. There are specially sculpted shape of irons (microencapsulated with the help of latest technology), which are characterized by high bioavailability (the entrance to the circulation system after the use on the mouth) and high stability in the body.

However, they lack the metallic taste, which some conventional iron preparations  have, in addition, microencapsulated preparations  do not cause disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

The final form of a product or preparation , is important because we can have the best molecule , but it needs to be formed (formulated) by the pharmaceutical professionals,and  at the right time reaches  to  the right place in the body, and that to show suitable stability, with minimal or almost no side effects.

Iron preparations  should be taken under medical supervision, and parallel spend a proper diet, rich in natural sources of this mineral. One of the ways  to treat anemia is achieved in combination with iron preparations, folic  acids and important antioxidants.